Transform your new home handover. And reduce your costs and workload.  

GUIDED is the solution for publishing new home completion handover, aftercare and safety information direct to homeowners via your custom branded homeowner app. 


Simply Powerful

Avoid last minute scrambles and unhappy homeowners.


Content Management.

Powerful homeowner content and document publication platform. Publish in real-time to your custom branded homeowner app.


Task Management.

Reusable, customisable checklists for consistent and professional handover processes.


Your Brand. Your App.

Take complete control of your customer experience with flexible custom branding and even your own standalone homeowner App managed by GUIDED.


1-Click Handover.

Assign a plot to the buyer and give immediate access to their plot property, safety and aftercare information, via web or mobile app.


GUIDED takes the pain out of new home handover. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.


The flexible, configurable and customisable home handover and safety content management and publication platform.


Everyone benefits from a shared yet customisable technology platform built to support all residential developments.  


Maximise sustainability on the road to net zero with a digital asset you can re-use across plots and developments.

Your Brand. Your App. Your Handover.

GUIDED is built from the ground up to reduce your new home handover and aftercare; and empower your staff with a customisable homeowner app that boosts customer engagements and satisfaction. 

All available in your own custom branded homeowner app, effortlessly managed and support by GUIDED. 


Switching to GUIDED is easy!

1. Fully Managed Setup

GUIDED imports your existing handover & aftercare content to setup your app based handover in 24 hours. 

2. Plot Specific Documents

Complete the handover checklist. Add plot specific documents and certificates.

3. One-Click  Handover

Grant access to the homeowner with one-click so they can explore their home.

Trusted By Leading Housebuilders,  Developers & Partners

Try GUIDED with your residential development and experience pain-free homeowner handover!

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